Material: PVC
Length: 32cm
Color: white + transparent
Pattern: plain
Stitching design highlights different styles. Cuffs are elastically rolled to prevent falling off. Full palm anti-slip texture design, cleaning things are not easy to slip, the grip is more stable. The glove is non-sticky, easy to wear, and not easy to tear.



How to choose dishwashing gloves?

  1. Pick according to comfort.

Many women use dishwashing gloves for dishwashing or hygiene. The frequency of use is high, so the comfort of the hand is very important. When choosing the dishwashing gloves, choose some dishwashing gloves that match the hand curve design. Dishwashing gloves are as flexible as your second layer of skin, making them more comfortable to use and making housework easier.


  1. Pick according to the design.

In addition to finger and palm parts, high-quality dishwashing gloves have anti-slip granules. The whole palm is non-slip, making things difficult to slip off. There is also a velvet design, which can keep warm and keep warm, and has a good affinity for the skin, even if it is cold. In winter, you can also take care of your hands in all directions, not afraid of being attacked by detergents. Inferior dishwashing gloves can’t do this. Inferior dishwashing gloves are often cold, hard and poorly insulated. They can be used in winter to feel basically no heat preservation effect. They have been used in washing detergents or after summer and environmental changes. Corrosion aging, short service life.


  1. Choose according to quality.

Dishwashing gloves are basically used regularly, so choose some non-stick fingers, hand-applied, light-duty dishwashing gloves are more practical, more convenient to wear and take off. High-quality dishwashing gloves can be repeatedly cleaned, repeatedly dried and not shed, no dandruff, no odor, safer and more durable. Ordinary dishwashing gloves are generally sticky, easy to fall off after washing, no sticking, clumsy operation, inconvenient to wear, and some with rubber odor.