Material: PVC
Size: S/M/L
Color: transparent
Packing: 100 pieces / box



Made of durable PVC plastic, it is latex-free, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, more suitable for hand, and it is suitable for long-term wear. It adopts anti-static technology, has good anti-static effect, is easy to contact with electrostatic sensitive components, and prevents static damage. It is more suitable for physical laboratories, electronics manufacturing and other industries. Disposable PVC gloves have good elasticity, easy to operate and flexible during use, and improve work efficiency.


PVC gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride and manufactured by special techniques. Gloves contain no allergens, no powder, low dust content, low ion content, no plasticizer, ester, silicone oil, etc., strong chemical resistance, good flexibility and touch, easy to wear, with Anti-static properties, can be used in a dust-free environment.

Features: 1. Resistance to weak acid and weak base; 2. Low ion content; 3. Good flexibility and touch; 4. Suitable for semiconductor, liquid crystal and hard disk production processes.


The basic raw materials of PVC gloves are: PVC paste resin, plasticizer (DOPDINP), viscosity reducer (solvent oil), heat stabilizer, colorant and filler.