Material: natural nitrile
Fabric: pockmark
Length: 23-24cm
Color: dark blue
Specifications: XS/S/M/L/XL
Packing: 100 pieces / box



The gloves are thickened to make them more durable and protect your hands. They are suitable for a strong working environment. The product is made of nitrile as raw material and has good sealing property. It can effectively prevent the chemical solution from eroding the gloves and effectively protect the hands. The gloves are made of ultra-fine production technology, have a uniform density, are evenly stressed, and are not easily broken. The entire glove is textured to provide better anti-slip and grip, and the object is not easy to slip, making it more convenient and comfortable to use.


Features of nitrile gloves:

Nitrile test gloves can be worn on both right and left hands, made of 100% nitrile latex, free of protein, effectively avoiding protein allergy; main performance is puncture resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance; hemp surface treatment, avoiding the falling of utensils during use High tensile strength avoids tearing when worn; it is easy to wear after powder-free treatment, effectively avoiding skin allergies caused by powder. Nitrile rubber and nitrile rubber are one thing, the correct one should be nitrile rubber.

Storage management:

After the recycling is completed, the storage management of the gloves can be improved, and the regeneration and cleaning rate of the gloves can be improved. The notes are as follows:

  1. Seal the package with a clean packaging bag or a rubber bucket to prevent dust particles from being damaged and crushed;
  2. After sealing, place it in a ventilated and dry place to avoid sunlight and reduce yellowing;
  3. Arrange to deal with it as soon as possible, such as sending cleaning or recycling or discarding.