• Low in fat
  • low in saturated fat
  • free of trans fat
  • source of omega-3 polyunsaturates
  • high in protein
170g, 85g



CLOVER LEAF® White (Albacore) Tuna is creamy and white with a slight pink hue, and has a mild flavour. It is packed in water resulting in fewer calories and natural goodness. The solid style tuna is generally one large piece, but can be broken up into smaller pieces as desired.

CLOVER LEAF®’s Solid White Tuna in Water has no preservatives or additives! It’s available in BPA free cans. 

We changed the salt to all natural sea salt (not all sea salt is all natural), and removed any additives that were included to avoid struvite.

White tuna is the best choice when entertaining or for meals where presentation is paramount. Solid style tuna is perfect for those recipes calling for larger pieces, such as open-faced sandwiches, canapés, and salads.

Clover Leaf tuna is wild & traceable.


*Not a significant source of fibre, sugars or calcium.



Albacore tuna, water, sea salt